Peace 500ml - Deb Lawrence

Peace 500ml - Deb Lawrence

  • 500ml
  • 18/8 Double walled stainless steel
  • 12hrs Hot, 24hrs Cold
  • BPA free inner lid

Deb lives in the U.S. outside Philadelphia in a 1745 farmhouse with weathered grey barn flooded with natural light, perfect for creating her abstract paintings on vintage textiles. Her work is collected internationally and is all about authenticity and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

She is pretty plant crazed and names her green friends after some of her favorite female artists, like Yoko Ono, Rose Wylie and Louise Bourgeois.

CALL IT PORTABLE ART, CALL IT HIGH-BROW HYDRATION, whatever you call it, just know that this beautifully crafted, double-walled, food-grade 304 stainless steel bottle is one small stand against the mundane.

We are Chunky and we give artists free reign to adorn the everyday. To bring creativity to the commonplace. So choose the Chunky that speaks to you and know that your purchase is bringing the work of an emerging artist to the world one drinking fountain at a time.

If you would like your Chunky bottle to remain good looking please do not place in dishwasher. Wash with soapy warm water instead. Air dry with lid off. Do not microwave, freeze, soak or overfill.

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