Loan Cups

The Chunky Loan Cup

This is our new not-for-profit initiative. We aim to divert hundreds of thousands of single use cups from landfill each year. In the end we hope that loan cup users will take the next step from "Loan Cup to Own Cup" (even if it's not a Chunky cup!)

Our membership for café’s is offered at no monthly fee (they pay for the cups but they recoup this cost from the customer). We do ask that they also retail our artist series cups which helps to support us to be able to provide the initiative.

We are thankful for the support we have received from the QLDC Waste Minimisation Community Fund.


Customers pay the participating cafe $10 as a refundable deposit for the use of the Loan Cup. The customer can either bring the clean cup back to be used for their next coffee or if they have a dirty cup they can swap it for a clean one.
The customer can also choose to bring their cup back for the return of their deposit.


The Chunky Loan Cup is a double walled, stainless steel cup with an acrylic lid designed for easy dishwasher cleaning.

Chunky Loan Cup

Are you a cafe and want to know more? Download the information here